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Adherence to Treatment

Adherence to Treatment

Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them”.
It is clear that full benefit of many of the effective medications that are available for diabetes will be achieved only if you follow prescribed treatment regimen reasonably closely.

You may fail to attain the desired therapeutic goal for your blood sugar if you are not adhering to your treatment regimen. However, if you do not report that your doctor, he might change the prescription, increase the drug dosage, or add a new drug which will still fail because you are not
very regularly following your treatment regime.

The only issue your doctor can address is that of medications and insulin. However, if you follow the other instructions with respect to diet and lifestyle modifications, your dependence on drugs and insulin might reduce.

If you are forgetful about your medications, you could associate taking them with a common daily task such as tooth brushing. You could use drug diaries, calendars, pillboxes, or medication charts to help you remember taking the medication as per schedule.

If you are having trouble taking your medicines regularly for financial or other reasons, bring the issue up with a member of your health-care team so you can find a solution together.

Managing diabetes is a complex task that touches nearly every important aspect of your daily life. If blood sugar levels are not controlled this can lead to a number of different complications, including eye and kidney problems, problems with the nerves in the extremities, and heart disease. So, take your medications regularly!



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